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Boswell Group principals advise CEOs, corporate directors and other senior business leaders on people and culture issues at the top of their organizations. Founded in 1998 by Kerry J. Sulkowicz, MD, a leading advisor to CEOs, Dr. Sulkowicz and his colleagues — all of whom have business as well as psychoanalytic experience — engage their clients in practical, thoughtful and confidential conversations on aspects of corporate life that have complex psychological underpinnings, and that can't readily be discussed with anyone else inside or outside the organization in rigorous, constructive ways.
  •   Psychological sounding boards and advisors for CEO's, entrepreneurs and heads of large family enterprises
•   CEO succession and leadership transitions, including assessment of CEO candidates for behavioral and cultural fit
•   BoswellGroup Investment Advisors: Human Capital Due Diligence for Investors
•   Strategic Psychological Intelligence (SPI)© — psychological profiling, at a distance, of high-stakes negotiation targets
•   Senior team dynamics consulting in public companies and closely-held partnerships

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